We love our dogs.  They love us.  We love to have fun with them.  Even better when we are able to meet their high energy needs.  Our dogs are driven by what they can see, not what they can smell.

One of the challenges we had was finding an activity that takes full advantage of their natural abilities to fix their sights and chase after a target.  

Luring 101 is the answer and Luring is their game.  Imagine an artificial lure being dragged across the ground at a high rate of speed, with a set number of turns and changes in direction. 

Our course size prohibits certain dog breeds from participating:  Whippet, Greyhound, Great Dane, Bullmastiff, Italian Greyhound and Rottweiler.  They are not allowed for safety reasons.  We reserve the right to deny admission to any dog for any reason.

​We set-up lure courses at numerous events including Super Pet Expo and the Pittsburgh Pet Expo.  If you would like to have us appear at your event, please contact us.